Tuesday, July 13, 2010

for amanda: stuffed animals

Amanda, sorry this has taken me sooo long to post. I made these cute little guys last Christmas. I found this tutorial for the elephant and this tutorial the giraffe on makeitandloveit. I then made a whale and seahorse pattern (printed off a silhouette, traced it onto fabric, etc.), and put them together the same way as the elephant and giraffe. The seahorse was a little more tricky because that skinny little tail is hard to get batting into. Make sure if you do it, you make it big enough to stuff. Have fun!


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  1. Dear Eliza Belle,

    Not only are you fantasticly crafty, you are so thoughtful too! Thanks for posting this, now I have a little project to keep me busy while I am hiding from the Phoenix sun.


    P.S. That Toy Story cake is incredible!