Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafting with books

Kristine McKay has so many cute crafty ideas. I came across her segment on 'crafting with old books' and had to try. I was SO EXCITED about the outcome. Currently, the topiary sits on our master bedroom desk, and the wreath hangs above our headboard.
These two things make me so happy every time I'm in the room! They were super easy (a bit time-consuming). They turned out so great and were so inexpensive! My sister Lindsay also tried it out and loved the outcome. She used a green styrofoam wreath and decided to spray paint it brown first before stabbing her paper into it, just in case you could see through the pages a bit.

Check out the link for more detailed instructions, but here's how to:
Buy a styrofoam wreath from Roberts Crafts/Joannes/etc
Rip out all the pages from a 250-page book (250 individual pages - so the book actually had 500 pages of reading)
Cut off all margins
Stab the styrofoam to make a hole with a somewhat pointy pen (with lid on). Then, place the pen in the center of a single page and wrap the paper around the pen.
Dab a bit of hot glue, styrofoam or gorilla glue on the paper and stick it in the hole you made. Repeat around the wreath.

I made the topiary the same way, then glued some fabric on the base and stenciled the pot.



  1. Beth that looks so cool! What a great idea. We have to craft sometime soon!