Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute in just a white onsie.

Baby shower present, anyone? These are so simple to make and are so darling. I know you can find these onsies everywhere on etsy, boutiques, etc., but here's how I made them.

This first one doesn't even require a sewing machine and I think it's my favorite. (Sorry these first two pictures look a little pink - they are in fact white onesies).
So, I found this tutorial for fabric yo-yo's here. It is a great tutorial and makes more sense than I could by trying to explain it. Check it out if you want to try them out. (I now embellish all sorts of things with these yo yo's: headbands, brooches, cards, cork boards, et.)

For this project, I made a yo-yo, then just stitched a button in the middle of it to hold it in place. So simple!
This one is just 2 misshapen squares stitched on top of each other.
The elephant. Honestly, to make these animals, I just googled images of 'elephants' 'frogs' girraffe' etc. I printed them out, then cut out the silhouette, traced it onto the wrong side of the fabric (with applique ironed on). Then, I cut out my traced image, ironed it onto the onsie and simply stitched around the edge. I did just a straight stitch, not zig-zag because I kind of like the frayed/homemade look once it's washed.
I don't know what this is.. apple? flower? any other guesses? It turned out cute anyhow.


  1. Bethel! I LOVE these, you are so crafty! I want some! :)

  2. ok, those are so cute, I have to start making those for sure!