Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Good Friday to you!
(This post is for you, Mom xoxo)
I just finished my last cake decorating class on Tuesday. I wish I had taken time to learn how to actually bake a cake and ice it from my Mom, who always made the most amazing cakes when we were growing up. Should have taken advantage of that.
I was stressin big time the day before the class because the oval cakes I made to stack together were completely falling apart. Even touching the cake with my finger would break off little chunks. Cake in your icing is not cute. I was so disappointed because I didn't have time to make another cake. I just had to accept that fact that I wasn't going to make my last class (the finale: using the flowers I'd made all month to put the cake together). Anyway, bless my husband's heart, he helped me salvage one of the cakes, so I did end up going.. and made the second cake that I posted here. When I got home that night, I had icing left over, so I decided to try to make a little egg out of my the left over cake that was in worse shape than the first. Enough icing covered up the gaping holes :) Since I didn't decorate my house for Easter AT ALL, nor did we paint Easter eggs, at least we can feel a little festive looking at this:

By the way, I highly recommend learing how to cake decorate from your Mom before you move 12 hours away. If you made my mistake, I recommend taking a Wilton Cake decorating class. I think they offer them at most Michaels'.



  1. Oh Beth. What amazing creations!! Mom and I are sitting here oogling over your beautiful cakes. Our chins are on the ground. You did such a fantastichy job. Wow. Can you ship us an egg cake to get us ready for Easter too? We're taking dessert to D and P's on Sunday, so we'd need it here by noon. So cute.

  2. Seriously these flowers are amazing! My favorite is the rose. Gorgeous!