Thursday, April 15, 2010

Speaking of Burlap...

Lindsay's post the other day of the burlap wreath reminded me to post this project which now hangs in my front room:

Here's how I did it: First, I stitched a length of fabric down one side of my burlap piece.

Then, I folded my piece of burlap in half length-wise and tied a knot in one end of it. Then I made a rosette out of it by simply wrapping the fabric around the knot in circles, and twisting while I wrapped. Once I'd wrapped it, I hot glued the end to the underside of the rosette, and hot glued in a couple places inside the rosette to keep it together. Simple simple.
Next, I stitched down one side of a length of green fabric that I had ironed in half. Stitching down just one side gives it a little more dimension as it can pop off the fabric a bit.
Now for the leaves. Just free-handed them, and ironed on some interfacing between the front and back to give it substance.
Stitched around the edge of the leaves and actually hot-glued them into an accidental hole in my stitching of the stem. oops :)
I staple-gunned the red fabric backing to my wooden frame.
This is how it looked before I hot glued my burlap rosette onto it:
Hot glue to secure the rosette and a couple push pins in the wall to hold it up, and it's finished!



  1. I am in awe of the things you two are doing. How come you never got creative around me when you were living here?! Just kidding. I can see it's really coming out strong, now that you actually have some time to let the creativeness flow. Keep it up. This is beautiful!

  2. cuteness! did you come up with this idea all by yourself?? where does it hang in your living room? which wall?