Monday, April 19, 2010

more cake please...

I tried fondant last week and to cover a couple more oval cakes. I just made it out of mini marshmallows and water. You can find the recipe here. I only made half the recipe (it makes a lot - covered both little cakes and still had some left over). It is so cheap and easy to make! I first made a little graduation cake for Brenan who is graduating from BYU this week! I piped the Y with royal icing and made dots to cover the sides out of the same icing.

Next, I had seen this piping techniques used on TLC's 'Ultimate Cake Off.' They had done the piping with chocolate, but I did it with yellow royal icing right onto my blue fondant. It took forever but it was so much fun. I'm addicted and I pretty much want to bake cakes and decorate them every day.



  1. Ack! I love your cakes SOOO much! I have always wanted to learn how to decorate and do fondant and all that fun stuff.... Good Work Bethel!

  2. I am forwarding this post to Nathan as he will be oober impressed with our crafting now that you've incorporated BYU into it. LOVE both cakes. Again, amazing work.

  3. Your cakes are GORGEOUS! Wow! And congrats to Brenan on graduating!

  4. Holy crap buff. I'm ssssooo impressed!!