Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I post about anything besides ruffles??

One of my favorite blog people is the fabulous Elizabeth Kartchner. (She's definitely top 5). I love her style, her scrapping, her ideas and just her overall goodness. She has a tutorial here for this little beauty (and much better pictures). However, you might want to be careful going over to her site, as you're sure to get hooked once you do! Okay, so here are a few shots of my attempt (and of course I had to create the look in both black and white).

Take your nasty, old, blah downeast tee

Cut strips 3/4" thick Pin them to your new tee to see how you want the finished product to look. And to make sure your ruffles are consistent.
Sew all those little strips down. (it's tedious, but once you've done a couple, you'll get the hang of it).Ooh, and I found it easier to sew the more I pinned. Even though the lighting is horrible in this picture, I thought it looked cool. And yes, that took me a while to do.

Try it out. It's a cheap way to get a Jcrew look-alike, and it re-purposes those old grungy tees.



  1. If my vote counts... you can NEVER have to many ruffles!!!