Monday, May 3, 2010

Fabric Decorative Balls

I was thinking the other day of how I could make my own decorative balls and just today I came across the PDF instructions for sale from V and Co.
I find them to be most adorable. Probably going to have to give them a try.



  1. I love this and want some just like it. I followed the link to the etsy site. So you have to buy the pattern? Also on the Etsy site there was link to get the fabric and it didn't work, either that or the fabric was gone.I was bummed because that fabric would work perfect in my house. If things ever slow down maybe I can start to decorate. I'm going to bring a million projects when I come to visit you! :) Do you think we could just figure this out? I've gotta start hunting for some fabric that looks like this (Walmart here I come). I also liked the fabric bracelets. I'll have to work on that!!

  2. Jules - I definitely think we could figure this out.. And if they're not identical to what these look like, that's okay, too. They'll be our own! I'll try to spot some similar fabric around here.