Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspiration from Julie

How to cover up a big ugly white wall??
This solves that problem:
First, I got this idea from my friend Julie Browne. She is a mastermind of high-impact, low cost decorating and fashion. She has a big fabric wall hanging in her front room, and I wanted a similar look (can't you see how amazing Julie is?).
So... we tried it out by stapling a large piece of home decor fabric (which, by the way, I got on sale for $2.00/yard at Home Fabrics!) to a wooden frame we made from wood purchased from Home Depot. I think this project cost maybe $7.00. And, it only took two little nails to hang it from, so we didn't have to junk up the wall with a lot of nails. I might have purchased fabric with a little bigger pattern on it, since it's such a big piece of art. But I like the dimension it gives to our front room.

Thanks Julie!


  1. Love it!! Is that Julie's apartment?? Super cute/cheap idea. xoxo

  2. Yes, that is Julie's amazing apartment. Cheery and bright.

  3. Thanks Beth for the shout-out. It looks fab.