Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruffle your bib

As the first post of a 3 part series, let me introduce the ruffled bib.

Here's how to create this cuteness. (Actual bib from a Target 10 pack)

First cut two strips of knit fabric and ruffle. For ruffle instructions see below. Second, place ruffles on bib and sew together. Cut ends off strips.

For the flower cut 3-4 circles of coordinating fabric and burn the edges. I used a lighter, but it's easier to use the flame from a candle. Stack circles and use a button to sew the flower onto the bib.

And that's it.

Instructions on how to ruffle fabric: Sew basting (wide) stitch down center of fabric and leave thread on both ends. Remove from sewing machine and pull one of the threads on one side. With other hand pull down fabric until it gathers the way you want.


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