Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edible Burton Custom Snowboard

Thank you, Linds, for posting that last entry about Stephanie. I've heard of "Nie Nie" before, but had never taken the time to look her up. She is someone who obviously has a firm grasp on the meaning of life and the important things. I want (need) to be more like that.
I feel kinda silly now, posting about this latest cake I've made since it seems pretty trivial in comparison (and sorry it's another cake.. but maybe you can try it out yourself if you have a snowboard-obsessed husband, like me). I made it for my brother in law, Grayden, for his 14th birthday This is the snowboard he is really wanting:

So I made it's clone:

I cut my 9x11 cakes in half to make it flatter... more snowboard-like.
Then, I iced it in butter-cream frosting and laid my strips of marshmallow fondant sections.
Finally, I piped black butter cream around the edges and used the same icing to make the binding lines/dots and the Burton sign.
It was a fun project, Grayden loved it, too.


  1. Buff that turned out awesome! I am so impressed!!!

  2. oh my gosh....Grayden is so lucky to have you as a sister in law! You put so much work into his cake! Great job!